NanoRem News

NanoRem Bulletins 06/02/17
EPA's First Regulation of Nanomaterials May Impact Supply Chains 22/01/17
DL9.2 Download available 07/01/17
Nanotech France 2017 30/12/16
Contamination Expo Series 2016, 12 October 2016 30/12/16
REMTECH 2016 NanoRem Workshops 30/12/16
Draft REACH Guidance Documents for Nanomaterials Move to Next Consultation Step 16/12/16
The NanoRem Toolbox will be available in full from February 2017. 08/12/16
NanoRem final conference 31/05/16
Possible amendments of Annexes to REACH for registration of nanomaterials 05/02/16
NanoRem Newsletter Autumn 2015 16/11/15
New international journal of nanosafety research 27/10/15
US EPA Clu-in - Nanotechnology for Site Remediation - November 2, 2015, 06/10/15
Use of cellulose nanoparticles in remediation 01/09/15
No significant toxicological effects for nanoparticles 05/06/15
Brownfield Briefing Ground Water Remediation 21 May 2015, UK 02/06/15
NanoRem at AquaConsoil 2015 01/05/15
Nanoscale Zerovalent Iron (nZVI): Risk-Benefit and Exploitation Report and Consultation 24/04/15
Nanoremediation: Initial broad exploitation strategy and risk benefit appraisal 24/04/15
Nano 2015: Vienna September 2015 27/03/15
Nanofibers, application and related technologies NART 2015 27/01/15
Short course announcement @ INTERPORE 2015: Nanoparticles transport in porous media 23/01/15
NanoRem Workshop on Sustainability and Markets 10/12/14
NanoRem Newsletter Autumn 2014 20/10/14
EU consultation on transparency measures for nanomaterials on the market 05/09/14
H2020 NMBP Brokerage event for "Nano Futures" 01/08/14
EU nanomaterials register proposal 24/06/14
A Risk/Benefit Appraisal for the Application of Nano-Scale Zero Valent Iron (nZVI) for the Remediation of Contaminated Sites 12/06/14
SME Fundng for nanotechnologies 09/04/14
NANOCON 2014, November 5 - 7 2014, Brno, Czech Republic 10/02/14
Nanoparticles in Soils and Waters, Germany, March 2014 15/11/13
NanoRem Newsletter Autumn 2013 31/10/13
NanoRem seeks the 'Heineken' approach to remediation 01/10/13
NanoRem Launch Press Release 01/10/13
Taking Nanotechnological Remediation Processes from Lab Scale to End User Applications for the Restoration of a Clean Environment.
This project has received funding from the European Union Seventh Framework Programme (FP7/2007-2013) under grant agreement No. 309517
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